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About Beet Salad Music

Rabid was formed in the mid 90’s by Scott Boyd and Brett Woodroof after they met in college at Tennessee Tech in the early 80’s.  They became quick friends with the common interest of heavy metal and rock music and from there the vision for the band was simple.  Get together, write, record, and publish.  

By the end of the 90’s a home studio had been built and a demo had been published that was generally well received by program directors at active and alternative rock stations across the country.  The name of the demo was Rabbit Foot Stew and at that time was only five tracks.  With this encouragement, Rabid subsequently released Skull as their first commercially available recording.  Skull was played at approximately 250 college radio stations across the U.S. and Canada.  After the success of Skull, Rabid decided to commercially make a master recording of Rabbit Foot Stew and added four new songs to the release.

In 2012 Rabid released the EP Hat Trick and charted with two songs, “I Love My Mother’s Boyfriend”, and “Fight Fight” and a few years later Rabid decided that a team of friends and musicians would spend seven days at Quad Studios and House of Blues in Nashville to work on the follow up to Hat Trick.  This resulted in the release of a single “Groovy Feet”, which was also commercially successful. 

 Unfortunately after several years of writing for a new project,  Scott was diagnosed with cancer and passed in 2019.  In 2021 Brett decided to revisit the hard drive and found the current single “Turn Out The Lights” to release. Brett worked with friend and producer, TOE, and with the help of long time friends and studio musicians in the city, they worked to make the recording.   As for the future of Rabid, Brett is currently heading up Beet Salad Productions and is working in their homebase studio on several songs that were written prior to Scott’s passing to be released at a later date.