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Scott Boyd – Guitars
Special Thanks From Scott:

I humbly thank God, my family, friends, neighbors, and all those who have enriched my life, directly or indirectly inspiring me to participate in the creation of this selection of musical compositions: Kimberly, Sean, & Amanda for their love and patience; Mom & Dad for their love and support; Gary for being my brother and for rescuing me; Steven for also being my brother and for being willing to have done the same; Tiffany & Sean; my relatives in Britain, Ohio, around the world and beyond; Nan and the rest of my in-laws for welcoming me into their family; Chelsea & Ace for their unconditional devotion & joy; Brett for being a steadfast friend; Faye for her support and kindness; David & Karen and all the other friends we made in Seattle; my church family at CBC; all of the talented musicians with whom I have had the good fortune of creating music over the years – Troy, Steve, Chris, Brian, Nick, Sammy, Doug, Chris, Rusty, Marty, Scotto, Drex, Rone, Kevin, Shawdog, Dave, Barry, Robert, and many more.

I also take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to all my friends from TTU; my brothers in Sigma Chi; my friends from SHS and the SHS band; my friends around the world at MetalFlakes – Flakes Rule!; my friends at Metalgodz; my friends at work both past & present; my many teachers, professional associates, and peers; and the doctors, nurses, technicians, administrators, & others who helped restore my health; David O.; JDon; Stan; Hoag; Ed; Houston; Mike P.; Ricky; Sam, Christy & Stephanie; Mark M., Phil,. Phillip, John H., Leon, Brad, Carroll, Dave R., Sus’, and many more…

There are simply too many significant souls to name everyone in this limited space, and so I briefly apologize to all those I have failed to mention here.

Thank you for your kindness, support and encouragement.

I am truly blessed!